Mobile Phone Technology

Technology has developed very much due to constantly research and interest in improvement. Nowadays everything is electronic and we can communicate around the world through many devices. From tv`s to computers to electronic cars, technology has surprised us. Mobile phones are one of the most important invention. Almost all people that live on this planet have at least one cell phone. There are people that have two or three mobile phones set to function in different networks. There are many networks of cell phones that help us communicate. There is Vodafone, Cosmote, Orange, Zapp etc. People choose one of these networks to communicate with friends and family that have subscribed to the same network.

There is a variety of mobile phones, labels and designs. Each firm has more than one model of phones so, it`s no wonder that everyone has a phone. There is one for everyone and their large number of models suite every taste. The most known firm that produces mobile phones is Nokia. Every one knows or has at least heard about Nokia. This firm has become so popular, because it produces good phones, that last, are liable to work for a long time, have no problems and also have nice designs. Other firms are Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, LG, Pnaasonic Sony Ericsson, Vertu etc.

The mobile phone besides it`s standrad function of communicating orally , is also equipped with other services like : texting messages, receiving and giving information, pictures, videos through bluetooth. The phone was invented by Martin Cooper also the first man that made a call on a mobile cell phone, ironically to his competition Bell Laboratories. Bell Labs introduced the idea of cell communications but Martin was the first one that really used it. The first mobile phone introduced on the american market was Motorola Dyna-Tac in 1973. The mobile phone became very popular because it made things more easier. Since then everyone bough one, and there have appeared other firms that have picked up on this idea. Still Nokia remained and is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones.

Mobile phones work with batteries that can be recharged from an USB port. They also need a SIM card to function. A SIM card is a small microchip that stores data information on it. Even if you switch phones the data remains intact. Nowadays, cell phones provide a large list of functions . So, depending on the phone model you can : make task or to-do lists, keep track of appointments, make simple math if you need to, surf the internet, send emails, play games, watch tv, listen to music etc. Besides the things a mobile phone can do, another industry has developed, and this is the mobile accessory business. For example we can improve our phone with : leather cases, hard cases to protect the screen, car charger, handfree, belt clips, memory crads, car kits etc. In the end, having a mobile phone is the best solution for an easy communication.